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ESE Group: Championing Solar Energy Solutions Across the North West

Established in 2015, ESE Group has carved out a distinctive space in the renewable clean energy landscape. Specialising in high-quality solar energy PV system installations throughout the UK, the solar solutions company actively supports the nation’s mission of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

As of 2023, ESE Group has successfully served over 14,000 customers, consistently ensuring the efficient operation of their solar PV systems and accompanying battery installations.


3,000+ reviews on

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ESE Group's Advanced Battery Solutions for Solar PV Systems

ESE Group’s top-notch services and excellent reputation have led many of its customers to further optimise their Solar PV Systems with innovative battery solutions. These cutting-edge batteries store the solar power generated during daylight hours, allowing any unused energy to be used later as needed.

A large number of ESE Group customers have chosen to pair their solar PV systems with these batteries. Some have even explored options like net metering or feed-in tariffs, capitalising on the opportunity to sell surplus energy back to the power grid.

The streamlined operations of ESE Group ensure it delivers outstanding value to its clients. The company offers quick installation times, superior solar PV panel systems and batteries, along with 15 years of free maintenance on all installations. Furthermore, ESE Group provides insurance-backed guarantees, and as a registered Flexi-Orb partner, it helps facilitate SEG payments with leading UK energy companies.

ESE Group's Remarkable Expansion

Though it initially operated out of Liverpool, ESE Group’s proficiency and well-organised approach have fuelled its swift growth. The firm has established a new head office and training academies in both County Durham and Exeter. These strategic expansions help impart its expert knowledge to promising professionals, thus fostering further growth.

ESE Group boasts an impressive 4.7 Trustpilot rating, with more than 2,800 reviews validating its high standards. This rating underscores the firm’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its commitment to delivering long-lasting, top-quality renewable technologies – all backed by a comprehensive 15-year maintenance package. With such a track record, it’s clear that ESE Group’s future is set to be as luminous as the solar energy it harnesses.

The Critical Role of Solar Panels in the UK

The importance of ESE Group’s solar panel solutions has become increasingly prominent, especially in light of the steep rise in electricity bills. The Office of National Statistics reports that electricity costs have surged by over 50% between 2022 and 2023.

The Energy Saving Trust suggests that domestic users could save up to £400 per annum by using solar panels, assuming their homes are typically unoccupied until 4 pm. This figure doesn’t even factor in potential income via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) for selling excess energy back to the National Grid.

With energy prices poised to rise even further, investing in a solar panel system not only provides a buffer against future price hikes but also plays a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions. This move ensures we are paving the way for a sustainable future, one that will benefit generations to come.

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